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Ataturk Airport from an International airport to a mega beach park

Posted by Cayan on May 10, 2020

In another step that is not the first of its kind for the Turkish government by taking advantage of everything that can be improved or changed in order to provide distinguished services for its citizens and visitors, after launching the third new Istanbul airport and declare it as the largest airport in the world and after the completion of the actual and full opeeration of the new airport,
Planning ahead, a plan was already made to convert Ataturk International Airport, which had finished providing services as a mega airport, to a huge “Nationals Park” to be a public park that provides all amenities and luxury services for citizens and attracts millions of tourists and foreign visitors.
A huge area will be allocated for the purpose of constructing an exhibition land and conference centres, a wide green spot where visitors yearn to breathe free
His Excellency Minister of Environment & Urbanization Mr. Murat Kurum stated: We have already finished transferring all the necessary equipments from Ataturk Airport to Istanbul’s third airport, which is the largest airport in the world.
And we will build a mega public park with wide green landscapes of 14 million square meters, in addition to full recreational facilities such as walking paths, bicycles and sitting areas for families and special places for children and cafes and restaurants and a various of other services. We will continue to work hard to turn this park into a large green lung for the entire city of Istanbul, as this place will be a large recreational and tourist park with unparalleled views of Marmara Sea.
The first stage of execution has already been reached
The first stage has already started with the beginning of 2020, which has already begun after the submission of tender applications has been completed to demolish buildings and everything that was giving the airport its character, and the tender value that began on September 27th reached 1.950,000 Turkish liras including tax,
As we mentioned previously, exhibitions and galleries will be constructed in addition to science museums, technology and Turkish heritage within the mega park, and the area of this public park that will be built on the airport land is approximately 3 times larger than Central Park located in New York City, according to His Excellency Turkish President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan statement.
Also His Excellency Minister of Environment & Urbanization Mr. Murat Kurum, in a previous statement confirmed: We have just started a project and we aim to establish at least one large park in every state in Turkey, and it will not stop at state centres but will also include provinces and cities and towns as well, and we have already took some steps for this project and other steps in progress now.

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