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Since its founding in 2015, Cayan Group's philosophy has always been to commit to professionalism, integrity and credibility

A real estate company with an advanced and innovative vision in Turkey, Cayan Group has been able to brilliantly integrate exceptional projects with a wonderful life to offer its customers the fruit of a long experience in the real estate industry, we are excited to provide a special and distinguished service to our customers whether the purpose is to buy and sell or even study the real estate market.

We have a professional, friendly and dedicated staff at work around the clock ready to give our customers the best professional advice and advice and make the process easier with absolute smoothness, we are in Cayan Group providing a full real estate service and ensuring that the needs of our customers are met as we have experts in each field to guide you skillfully from the beginning of your real estate journey to the end.



Our company provides professional real estate knowledge, integrity and responsiveness to all customers we are pleased to serve. Our customers deserve and will receive the best service any real estate organization has ever provided. Our office helps people buy and sell real estate every day.

Best prices

We all aspire to get valuable things for our money and at affordable prices and this is a concept that we are well aware of in Cayan Group, by negotiating contractual prices with real estate developers. We can always get the best prices that meet both our customers’ requirements and budget.

Fast communication

We pledge to take each individual request as our priority and respond immediately to its provision. We communicate with our customers on a regular basis to inform them of the status of the sale or purchase of their property, and we assure them of our ongoing work and efforts on their behalf.

Passion for satisfaction

Our primary goal is to add you to our long list of satisfied customers and friends who talk positively about us. We always hope to help our customers make the most of their real estate transactions and communicate with us in the future for any other real estate service.

Professional staff

Our experienced team, ready 24 hours a day to help you and support you to reach anything you need in the field of ownership through our basic business procedures. Our team always inspects projects when they are available to keep you informed of market conditions as they evolve.

Stay back

Don’t just hear our opinion, follow what our customers have said about us! We encourage all customers to provide feedback on information and advice as well as the services we have provided them. Please visit and read the customer feedback link clearly.

Outstanding service

As leading real estate professionals in Turkey, we will make the effort to keep our customers informed of the new listings and conditions affecting the market. We know the real estate industry well, the current market situation, and the most effective way to meet your real estate needs.


The Way We Work.

Choose specifications

We study and determine the budget and specifications of the property in accordance with your needs. We offer tips for a successful investment.

Find the right project

The best properties and projects are searched for in accordance with the required budget and specifications. A field tour will then be conducted through which the quality of the property and the project will be verified.

Receiving keys

We help you complete the receipt process correctly and legally. We continue with you during the after-sales period to provide you with all services related to your property.

Youtube Channel

A series of videos about Cayan Projects, which give an idea of what we have been doing and what we have achieved so far.

Special and Exclusive

Offers Weekly

At Cayan Group Real Estate, we provide our customers through our online platform, the opportunity to learn about all properties in Istanbul and other cities. An integrated package of real estate management services provided by Cayan Group to its customers. We also help in getting offers and discounts while purchasing the right property for you. We also take you on a free tour to learn about real estate in Turkey and the best areas, whether for housing or investment.

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