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Turkish Citizenship

Take the opportunity to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship for 2023

The Turkish government has recently amended the minimum investment by owning a property with the aim of obtaining citizenship to at least $ 400.000 provided that the property is not sold or transferred for a period of not less than 3 years. It also included unfinished properties “under construction” so that it is possible to apply for naturalization upon purchase.

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship

  1. Buying a property with a value of not less than $ 400,000 and not selling it for a period of 3 years, and the Ministry of Environment and Construction proves this.
  2. Invest a sum of $ 500,000 and the Ministry of Economy proves it.
  3. Deposit a sum of $ 500,000 and not withdraw it for a period of not less than 3 years, and the Banking Supervision Institution shall confirm this.

Note: According to the recent decision issued by the Turkish government on January 23, 2022, the amounts to be invested in foreign currency is deposited in the bank, and they are converted into Turkish currency through the bank in which the account was opened and the bank, in turn, sells the currency to the Central Bank and sends it to the owner of the property and receives the exchange receipt and transfer receipt certified by a bank.

Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship

A- Obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment

  • People applying for Turkish citizenship based on investment must have a fixed capital of $400,000.
  • Writing an application and submitting it to the Ministry of Economy, taking into account the attachment of a request petition signed by the applicant and explanations regarding information and evidence of investment and capital.

Steps to consider when submitting an application:

  1. Fill out a full investment information form.
  2. Attach a picture of passport pages containing personal data.
  3. Register the commercial register newspaper that highlights the structure of the contribution and capital of the legal entity that executes the fixed capital investment.
  4. A special report on fixed capital through a sworn financial advisor.
  5. Indicate that the investment amounting to $ 400,000 has been converted into capital for the company, and this is determined by the capital report, and provide a receipt for depositing the amount.

The application is then submitted to the Ministry of Economy Authority, and the Ministry rejects applications that do not meet the appropriate conditions, and the application is answered within a period of not less than a month, and the approved applications are sent to the Ministry of Interior to complete the necessary procedures.

B- Obtaining Turkish citizenship through ownership

The necessary condition for obtaining Turkish citizenship through ownership or real estate investment according to the new law is to buy a property worth at least $ 400,000, and not to sell it for a period of not less than 3 years, and to ensure this, a written pledge is written in the title deed as an additional item.

What to consider when applying for Turkish citizenship by ownership:

Papers required to be submitted to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning a property:

  1. A valid passport translated and certified by the notary.
  2. “Family” birth certificate for family members or for the person applying for citizenship, certified by the Turkish Foreign Ministry and Consulate at his place of residence, or consulate and foreign country applicant in Turkey.
  3. “For married couples” certified marriage contract.
  4. Tax number and title deed.
  5. Evaluation report from the Tabu Department.
  6. Transfer receipt of $400,000 or more to the Turkish lira issued by the Central Bank.
  7. Delivery of the amount transferred from the Central Bank to the construction company against the price of the property in Turkish lira.
  8. Biometric personal photos.
  9. Fixed address in Istanbul with email and phone number.

Upon his power of attorney, the lawyer shall follow up all procedures and obtain the necessary papers.

Turkish citizenship features

  • Turkey is a democratic and secure country.
  • There are no requirements for staying in Turkey.
  • Dual nationality is permitted in Turkey.
  • Turkish nationality is open to most nationalities.
  • The Turkish passport allows you to travel to more than 100 countries.
  • The list of countries that do not require visas is constantly growing.
  • It is easy to obtain visas with a Turkish passport.
  • Turkey has many trade agreements that give different priorities to businessmen.
  • You can benefit from the customs union agreement between Turkey and the EU.
  • Take advantage of a 30% drop in real estate prices.
  • Turkey has great educational institutions and a well-known health care system.
  • Your family can be included in your citizenship application.
  • Turkey is one of the most cost-effective places to live.

Stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship

Stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship

Step 1

The client signs the agreement to obtain Turkish citizenship by appointing a lawyer or a specialized team to collect the necessary documents.

Step 2

Once you have obtained the title deed, the lawyer restricts the property for three years to extract the document obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Step 3

The investor's residence is extracted and the papers are submitted for Turkish citizenship.

Note: The estimated time to obtain citizenship approval is an indicator, which may vary depending on the time it takes for the government to address the situation.

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