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Experience buying and managing a property securely through real estate experts in Turkey

Real Estate Management

Customer satisfaction is always our goal, as we seek to provide real estate consultants to our clients that ensure their successful investment in the right property and the right place.

Real Estate Investment

We offer you after sales services from renting your apartments or selling them at the best prices and the most appropriate.

Companies Establishment

Our company also provides a service to establish a company for foreigners who reside, work or do business in Turkey.

Airport Pickups

We are part of Cayan Real Estate Group. We always strive to provide the best services and high quality. We offer airport transfers to inform our clients about the sites and projects they wish to visit.

Field tours

Our customers must see the sites and housing projects that they wish to buy and invest in, as we provide them with field service tours to see construction operations, quality in completion and further comment on building selected projects.

Legal and financial services

Our specialized team will assist you with all legal and financial procedures through our legal agent accredited to the Turkish government and finish all matters related to the registration of the property with the Turkish government, bank procedures, transfers, title deeds and procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

After-sales service

The team will secure all the needs of your real estate, from facilitating the construction, decoration, furnishing, rental and sale of your real estate, from paying bills to making monthly statements in case you have to travel.

Other Services


What people are asking ?

  • Opening a bank account / establishing a tax number
  • Make a real estate valuation of the property (price guess)
  • Transfer the amount of the property completely to the construction company
  • Submit all papers to the lawyer to initiate the procedures for obtaining citizenship

Open a bank account

  • Passport – residential address

Buying the property

  • Tax number – passport – bank account

Applying for citizenship

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of investor country
  • Consulate or Turkish Embassy in investor’s country
  • The average price difference between the floor and the next is 3 to 7%.
  • The average price difference when the difference is 5 floors and above is 15 to 20%.
  • In the investor’s country, it is translated by a juror and then certified by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Consulate.
  • All papers can also be extracted and translated from the consulate in Turkey.
  • Title deed
  • Evaluation document
  • A picture of bank transfers
  • A reservation paper from the title deed for 3 years and the work of a power of attorney to start applying.
  • The investor can leave Turkey and the lawyer will take over the task of monitoring the file in accordance with the authority available to him.
  • The necessary time is approximately 3 months to 6 months from the date of the issuance of the property booking document to the date of the issuance of the Turkish passport.


  1. Family documents
  • Translated and certified passports from Notre.
  • Birth certificates or civil registrations for the whole family, including the place and date of birth and the name of the mother and father,
  • Although it must be ratified by the Turkish Foreign Ministry and Consulate at the residence of the applicant of nationality.
  • Marriage contract or marriage statement with the same previous procedures.
  • Photos of Biometric.
  • Children under the age of 18 obtain Turkish citizenship with the father and mother, while those over the age of 18 cannot obtain it until the 5th anniversary of the naturalization of the father and mother.

Disclaimer: Children under the age of 21 who hold Egyptian citizenship can obtain Turkish citizenship with the father and mother.


  1. Legal papers
  • Agency to lawyer from husband and wife
  • A copy of the title deed
  • Proof of bank transfers
  • The property evaluation document is certified by the evaluation company.
  • Three-year title deed booking document

Disclaimer: If the wife does not wish to obtain Turkish citizenship, she must make guardianship from wife to husband in order for the children to obtain Turkish citizenship.

  1. Title deed allowance 4%.

In the event of the purchase of a used apartment, the investor shall bear the entire bank of the title deed.

In the case of purchase from a construction company within a residential complex, the construction company is most often paid 2% and the construction company pays 2%.

There are special cases where the investor pays 4% in full or never pays because the project is tax-free.

  1. The notary’s contract is approximately 1%.

Payable in case of payment in installments and collected and paid for the title deed when the payment of the installments is completed

  1. The real estate valuation document is approximately $250.
  2. Earthquake guarantee worth approximately $50.
  3. Open a bank account and establish a tax number of approximately $250.

Electricity, water, and service meters are paid if the apartment is new and within the $1000 complex.

    • In the event of seeing the appropriate apartment, a simple down payment of 1% will be made later to make the bank transfer at the full value of the apartment or the value of the first payment in the event of the purchase in instalments.

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