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The legal procedure for buying a property in Turkey.

Posted by Cayan on May 14, 2020


The legal procedure for buying a property in Turkey.

Turkey has recently witnessed remarkable progress in real estate investment sector, especially in Istanbul city due to the amendment of the Nationality Law and the urban development in the country, in addition to the investment opportunities in many fields.


When you want to buy a property for investment or living in our Turkey, it is really simple matter and usually does not need a lawyer to perform legal transactions and procedures on your behalf to obtain the property or the title deed. But when you think about buying and investing outside your country fears may lead you to give power of attorney to an experienced lawyer to do all the necessary procedures correctly.

Here you may ask the question how much does it cost, is it expensive?  how I will know what the lawyer is doing and I do not speak his language?

Fortunately, you do not have to pay the lawyer any fees when you buy a property in Turkey, and you do not even have to speak his language to be assured !! How ?!.

Alright ; When you consider buying a property in Turkey for living or as a successful investment, all you have to do is to deal with a reputable real estate company and this company will cover all the necessary expenses starting from providing an experienced consultant to you before the purchase and until you get the property at a great price within your budget and investment plan, and that includes a lawyer to perform the legal procedures on your behalf and an assistant who will help you to translate everything during the buying process

As we mentioned earlier, a team of real estate consultants will give you the best real estate advice before buying and assist you by providing many suitable offers, all for free, speaking of the stages that follow the advice and through which you will complete the purchase:


  • Writing the contract:

After you agree on the price and payment terms, the lawyer will have to check the contract prepared by the construction company in Turkish language, and he will assist you through the real estate company’s sales team to translate the contract and explain all its clauses.


  • Ensuring the seller’s credibility

The real estate company will assist you by choosing the ideal property from a well known, guaranteed and reputable developer in the country and will ensure that it has all the necessary approvals for building the project in Turkey. additionally it will check the legal status of the property.

  • Witness to the sale agreement:

Without a third party you will not be able to protect your rights in case of any error or problems during the payment process. Therefore, we advise you to buy your property through a real estate company, as it will be the third party who will preserve your rights and witness the sales agreement.

  • Receive with peace of mind:

We noticed from many experiences that people have wrongly received their properties and their biggest mistake was they did not seek help from experts in the real estate market in Turkey so it does not end at signing the contract. The real estate company will have to accompany you during the handover process by completing the legal procedures correctly to ensure that you are getting the property legally.

  • Buy your property while you are at home:

In case you are unable to come to Turkey to perform the necessary procedures, you can grant a power of attorney through the Turkish embassy or consulate in your country to the real estate company that you have previously dealt with and it will make sure that all contracts and papers are checked and signed and it will complete the buying process on your behalf. And if you are in Turkey and you have to leave before completing the sale process, you can grant the power of attorney to your real estate agency through one of the notary offices in Turkey.

Will the real estate company holding the power of attorney be able to act freely?

In case you are asking yourself the question , we would like to point out that the real estate consultancy company that has the power of attorney will not be able to sell or buy your property without consulting you because it does not have the right to do so.Rather, it can only do the legal procedures related to the buying or selling process. To make sure of this you can review contracts and title deeds with your name and your personal photo.


Obtaining Turkish citizenship.

We will provide all the assistance required to be able to obtain the Turkish citizenship through getting the right real estate advice and the assistance of your lawyer assigned by us to do all the necessary procedures that will lead to getting the Turkish citizenship.

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