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Safe Investment in Turkey| Do you need a lawyer when you own a property in Turkey?

Posted by Cayan on May 14, 2020

Safe Investment in Turkey| Do you need a lawyer when you own a property in Turkey?


Turkey has recently witnessed remarkable progress in the field of real estate investment, especially in Istanbul.


Reasons for progress in investment in Turkey:

  1. Turkish citizenship law was amended to make it easier and inexpensive
  2. Urban development in the country and the construction of many large and distinctive projects.
  3. The multiplicity of investment opportunities and their availability in various commercial fields.


Safe Investment in Turkey, Do you need a lawyer to own a property?

  • When we want to own real estate in our country, we often don’t need to hire a lawyer.
  • In our country, we can organize transactions and conduct legal proceedings without recourse to a lawyer.
  • When we think about buying and investing abroad, we can have a lot of problems.
  • Our ignorance of the laws of foreign countries is the main reason for getting into trouble while buying a property.
  • Hiring an experienced lawyer to do all the necessary procedures properly and without mistakes is a good idea.


Are the costs going to be high?

  • You won’t have to pay a lawyer when you buy a property in Turkey, and you won’t have to speak his language!! How to?!.
  • When you think about buying a property in Turkey, all you have to do is deal with a reputable real estate company.
  • The real estate company will take care of all the necessary costs from providing advice, to getting a property at the right price for you.
  • The company’s work includes hiring a lawyer to conduct legal proceedings on your behalf and someone who will help you with the translation.
  • A team of real estate consultants will provide you with real estate consultancy and help you free of charge.


The post-advice stages through which you will complete the purchase process:

Write the contract

  • After agreeing on the price or installments, the lawyer will have to check the contract in Turkish.
  • The sales team of the real estate company will help you translate the contract and explain its contents.


Ensure the seller’s credibility

  • The real estate company helps you choose a unique property and a well-known and reputable construction company.
  • It is ensured that the construction company obtains the necessary military approval when purchasing any property in Turkey.
  • The intermediary company checks the legal status of the property to be purchased and the time of delivery.


Witness to the sale

  • Without a third party, you will not be able to guarantee your rights in the event of any error in the payment process.
  • We recommend that you buy a property through a real estate company to be the party that will protect your rights.


Take over safely.

  • When investors are in trouble, the reason is that they do not seek help from people who are experts in the real estate market in Turkey.
  • It does not end when the contract is signed, the real estate company must accompany you during the delivery process.
  • The broker completes the legal procedures correctly to ensure that you get the property legally.


Own your property while you’re at home.

  • If you can’t come to Turkey, it doesn’t mean you can’t own a property there.
  • You can grant an agency through the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in your country to the real estate company you wish to deal
  • with and it will ensure the audit of contracts and papers sign them and complete the purchase on your behalf.
  • If you have to leave Turkey before the deal is completed, you can be granted power of attorney through the notary.


Will the party with the power of attorney be able to act freely?

  • The power of attorney-in-government real estate consulting company does not have the right to sell or buy your property.
  • Only the intermediary can carry out the legal procedures of the sale or purchase process.
  • To be sure, you can review the contracts and title deed with your name and image.


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