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Is living in Turkey considered risky ?

Posted by Cayan on May 10, 2020

Long and permanent residency in Turkey cannot be compared to a temporary visit or short touristic tours, the question that visitors always ask is how high is the security and stability if we want to stay in Turkey permanently?
Residency requirements:
Anyone who would like to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days period is required to apply for a residency permit clarifying the reasons, and most of the applicants for this type of permit are businessmen, investors and those who are used to live in Turkey in addition to students.
Different nationalities apply for residency permit and the majority are Arabs from different countries, such as Iraq, Algeria, GCC, Egypt, etc. besides those who take Turkey as a centre for their trade and business.
Also Russian nationals who love to come to Turkey for business, tourism or just permanent residency, many of them stay in Istanbul or Antalya for business and some who have taken Turkey as their home, there are also German nationals and many other nationalities visiting Turkey.
Positive statics:
According to the regular statistics carried out by the Turkish Residence and Immigration Dept. the number of foreign applicants applying for a permanent residency permit is increasing significantly, most cities that issue permanent residence in Turkey are Istanbul in the first place followed by Antalya, as they are one of the most important destinations for tourists looking for coastal cities in Turkey, and most foreigners buy real estates for the purpose of residency and investment.
Comparing Turkey with the United Sates Of America in terms of security, it is worth noting that the International Statistics Centre confirms the crime rate in Turkey is way less than USA.
From all of what we have mentioned previously it is proven that Turkey is a safe and preferred destination for many, and you can make sure of the security and safety levels if you ask any foreign person living in Turkey.
No worries anymore:
Of course there are some concerns that raise important questions about the bad conditions that Turkey went through and had negative effects on tourism and investment in general during the years 2015-2016.
And it was caused by terrorist attacks aimed to weaken the greatness of Turkey, which was nothing but an illusion to those who carried out these attacks. The Turkish state managed to curb these plans and take the necessary measures to prevent them from happening again, and since then Turkey returned more beautiful to prove that it is trusted and safe destination to visitors, tourists, traders, investors and others seeking permanent residency.

Finally, everything we have mentioned earlier provides sufficient evidence and convincing answers to your questions. Now you can visit Turkey and make sure the answers are correct by yourself, and you can get your own answers which will be the reason for obtaining permanent Turkish residency.

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