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The impact of highways on real estate value in Istanbul between advantages and preferences for urban life

Posted by Cayan on May 14, 2020

The impact of highways on real estate value in Istanbul between advantages and preferences for urban life

Highways and their impact on real estate.

  • Is the highway a positive feature when it’s near your property?
  • Public and private transport has become an integral part of our daily lives.
  • It is important when buying a property in Istanbul to be very close to the transportation stations.
  • Highways have important transport links such as buses and Metrobus.
  • Transport action lines help us reach most areas of the city.
  • There is nothing better than arriving on time away from busy roads.
  • Using highways you can save time to spend time with family and loved ones without having to wait.
  • It is possible that some of us will dispense with this feature by replacing it with some calmness and fresh air.
  • Highways are an important addition to access to quiet areas and use them for working life.


Istanbul’s most important highways

  • The E5, E80, and Basin Express roads are among the most important highways in Istanbul.
  • The E5 and E80 routes are considered the vein to the heart of the city through their passage through the most important areas.
  • These two roads serve a wide section of the city and contain the most important means of transportation.
  • The ‘Basin Express road connects the E5 and E80 routes and is one of the most important trade routes in Istanbul.

Highway E5

  1. The E5 runs from the Büyükçekmece area in the European section to the Zeytinburnu region.
  2. It integrates with the O-1 highway, which ends in the Kadiköy area of the Asian section.
  3. The E-5 road has the most important transportation line in the city ‘Metrobus Line’.
  4. It is the only road that passes through the most vibrant areas of the city.


Highway E-80 ‘TEM’

  1. The E-80 ‘TEM’ route is not only important within Istanbul, but also includes many cities outside Istanbul.
  2. We can say that it is the longest highway in Istanbul, starting from the Area of ‘Edirne’ end city of “Merzifon”.
  3. The E-80 motorway passes through many important areas from the European section to the most important areas of the Asian section.
  4. It passes by the forests of Belgrade and is mediated by the Bosphorus Bridge of ‘Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih’.


Basin Express Highway

  1. The Basin Express road is part of the O-7 motorway and is one of the most important commercial and residential roads.
  2. Contains many investment projects.
  3. It starts at one of the E5 motorway points and completes its route through the E80 motorway.
  4. Ends at one of the O-7 highway points.
  5. Located on both sides of the road, many newly constructed residential and commercial areas.
  6. The O-7 motorway leads to Istanbul’s third airport and is also an important highway in Istanbul.
  7. The O-7 motorway is an arc connecting the European and Asian sides through the upper part of Istanbul.


About Basin Express

  • Basin Express area is located in the European section of Istanbul near Lake Küçükçekmece.
  • Basin Express is made up of areas between the two most important roads in Istanbul: E5 and E80 ‘TEM’
  • The region has witnessed a huge urban boom after the government’s intention to develop it.
  • Many different commercial and residential projects have been established.
  • Many social, health, educational, and recreational centers have been built.
  • The state and construction companies are continuing to draw up more plans for future projects in this region.
  • The plans include a ‘metro line’ that helps reach the rest of the city faster.


Highways and their impact on real estate.

  • It is important to own a property near the highway because of its positive advantages.
  • One of the important characteristics that will cause the price of the property to rise as soon as it exits the construction phase.


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