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Başakşehir | Istanbul | Everything you want to know about istanbul’s modern city

Posted by Cayan on August 13, 2021

Başakşehir | Istanbul | Everything you want to know about Istanbul’s modern city


  • Başakşehir is one of the most exclusive areas in Istanbul due to the modernity of the region and its large and prestigious projects.
  • The area has one of the most advanced infrastructures in Istanbul because it is a newly constructed area with a strong and extensive structure.
  • Başakşehir is the focus of attention of local and foreign investors, construction companies, and commercial companies.
  • Modern buildings and modern residential and commercial complexes are not the only reasons why the region is a target for many local and foreign investors and residents of the capital.
  • Başakşehir has many social, health, cultural, and educational facilities as well as commercial and leisure centers.


The importance of the site

  1. Başakşehir is located in the European section of Istanbul, specifically north of Lake Küçükçekmece.
  2. Located next to the most important highways in Istanbul, you will be able to reach any area of Istanbul quite easily.
  3. Bordered by many important sites and areas, green and water areas, highways, and industrial areas
  4. The north-east bordered by the Eyüp region and to the north by Arnavutköy and Lake Sazlıdere to the east by the Sultangazi and Esenler regions to the south by The Küçükçekmece and Bağcılar regions and from the south-west by the Esenyurt region.
  5. The area is close to 3 Istanbul airports, the world’s largest airport, Istanbul’s third bridge, and the Marmara Highway project.
  6. In addition to many residential and commercial projects, large government projects give great importance and a unique future to this region.
  7. All the unique features we have mentioned about this region so far around its strategic location, giving it an advantage for investors and construction companies, in addition to the continuous rise in real estate prices in conjunction with important developments and achievements.


History of Başakşehir

Life began in Basakşehir before Istanbul.

  • Although modern buildings, facilities, and roads do not suggest this, the presence of the prehistoric Yarimburgaz Cave proves the existence of ancient life in this area.
  • Archaeological research has revealed that the area has a very ancient history and that the human presence in the Başakşehir region dates back to the prehistoric period.
  • Başakşehir is the first home of human communities, the first fishermen’s shelter, and the production area of the first agricultural community.
  • The Yarimburgaz Cave is of great importance in terms of world cultural history, as it contains traces of the oldest human life in Europe.
  • The presence of Lake Küçükçekmece and the flowing Lake Sazlıdere near the cave gives it the advantage of a natural refuge.
  • As a result of the excavations that were carried out in the Ispartakule area near the Yarimburgaz Cave, rock tombs dating back to the Roman era were found.
  • From Başakşehir and Kucukcekmece, Sultan Mehmet Khan crossed with a large army coming from Edirne on 23/03/1453 towards Istanbul and wiped out the Byzantine Empire.
  • The destruction, which began with the Ottoman-Russian war in the Basakşehir region with the Balkans during World War I, continued and its population increased with the wave of migration that occurred as a result of the war.
  • After the proclamation of the republic, most of the area was long run by the municipality of Bakırköy, and after 1987 some parts of the area were linked to the newly established Districts of büyükçekmece and Küçükçekmece.
  • On 06/03/2008 and in accordance with the provisions of Article 19 of the Law on the Establishment of Areas within the boundaries of the Municipality of the Capital, the Area of Başakşehir was established and the surrounding neighborhoods and villages were annexed to operate under its administration.


The economic situation of the Basaksehir region

  • There were many farms in Basaksehir, which were considered food warehouses for Istanbul, and supplied them with most of the food products such as vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat, etc., and created many job opportunities.
  • As we mentioned earlier, a lot of food was grown in the area in addition to beekeeping and livestock such as sheep, goats, cows, buffaloes, and camels.
  • After the declaration of the Turkish Republic, the largest industrial zone was established in Basaksehir, and the region witnessed rapid development in conjunction with the launch of the Basaksehir collective housing project launched by the Istanbul Municipality.
  • In addition to the population growth brought in by the industry, there have been periods when the region has leaped in the field of collective housing.
  • Başakşehir covers large distances in a short time by building residential and commercial projects, recreational and social facilities, and service and government projects, becoming one of the cities to be taken as an example of its modern appearance.

Social and sports facilities

People’s Park | Başakşehir Millet Bahçesi

  • Europe’s largest botanical garden with an area of 360,000 meters, the park is home to Europe’s largest industrial biological lake.
  • The People’s Park (Millet Bahçesi) contains 5,750 trees, 160 plants, and flowers of various species, giving the park the advantage of keeping it in permanent greenery throughout the year.
  • The park has many facilities, individual seating, and dedicated family sessions, as well as cafes, a huge library, and dedicated walking, jogging, and cycling trails.

Başakşehir Central Mosque  |merkez camii

  • Located near the People’s Park (Millet Bahçesi) and with a capacity of 5,000 worshippers, the mosque is of great value and importance in the region because it is Islamic despite its diverse social fabric.


Central Yeni Kent Square | Başakşehir Kent Meydanı

  • The square area is 60,000 m2 and is considered the main square of the Başakşehir region, and includes many facilities such as a health center, parking lots, transportation, and many cafes, restaurants, and entertainment centers

Başakşehir Bazaar

  • It is a temporary market characterized by other bazaars with its large and modern structure of 4 floors and contains free parking.
  • Various types of goods are sold in the bazaar, such as glassware, household items, food, clothing, and cosmetics, and the bazaar maintains the tradition of buying selling, and displaying products that are common among the inhabitants of the region.

Başakşehir Medical City

  • It is also called The ikitelli City Hospital, the largest medical city in the world with an area of 2 million square meters built with an earthquake-resistant system.
  • The medical city consists of 10 buildings and contains 3 helicopter landing stands, with a capacity of 2,682 beds, 725 clinics, and 90 operating rooms, three of which are dedicated to hybrid operations and an emergency operations room.
  • The specialized sub-hospitals located in the medical city are a general hospital, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatric hospital, cardiovascular diseases, bones and nerves, tumors, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and mental health.

Ataturk Olympic Stadium


  • Ataturk Stadium has been established and equipped to host all kinds of events and organizations, and the stadium is classified as a five-star stadium of the European Union.
  • Ataturk Stadium was established in 1999 in ikitelli region on an area of 584 hectares and is the largest project of the Olympic Park.
  • Completed in 2002, it can accommodate 82,576 people has a parking lot with a capacity of 18,900 cars, and is considered one of the largest and most important stadiums in the world.

Başakşehir Al , Fatih Stadium


  • The Istanbul Bashacşehir Football Club Stadium was built on an area of 160,000 square meters and opened with a special organization from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
  • Built by UEFA and FIFA standards, the stadium has camping facilities including 34 bedrooms, 3 training pitches, a 350-car closed parking lot, and another 1,300-car open parking.

Martyr Ardem Ozgelik Stadium


  • Built in the AMLAR region according to the system of group training and competitions, it is considered one of the most beautiful amateur stadiums in Turkey.
  • It includes a 90×45-meter stadium, a 50×25-meter training ground, a men’s and a women’s referee’s room, four changing rooms, a training ground locker room, and 3 training rooms.
  • The stadium can accommodate 1,400 people and has a 150-car parking lot.

Altensheir Sports Park


  • In this park, sports spaces have been built for children and young people, and open spaces can be used by residents of the area for hiking.
  • The sports section consists of two football fields, an administrative department, dressing and bathing sections, and a buffet.
  • All activities in the park are free of charge and adults can take advantage of the football fields in it.

BAHÇEŞEHİR center for health and sports


  • The BAHÇEŞEHİR Health and Sports Complex covers an area of 10,000 m2 and has a swimming pool, basketball court, Aerobics, gymnast, and other gymnasiums.
  • Withstands for up to 1,000 people, a basketball court, and an Olympic-like indoor pool, the center can play professional matches.

Başakşehir Sports Park


  • Known for its distinctive and nature-harmonious architecture, Basakşehir Sports Park has 2 football fields, a jogging, and walking track, an indoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and an open parking space for 120 cars.
  • Built on an area of 162,000 m2, the park is distinguished from the spaces dedicated to bicycles and the distinctive children’s playground.
  • A pedestrian bridge has been built up to the park to ensure people’s safety and encourage them to walk to the park.
  • The 1,500-square-meter interior has 8 football field changing rooms, 4 basketball courtrooms, 4 tennis courtrooms, a dispensary, a cafeteria, a 32-person indoor seating area, an open area for 72 people, and administrative offices.
  • The 2,000 m2 building consists of a 20×10-meter indoor swimming pool, a men’s and women’s fitness center, a children’s room, and classrooms.



  • The park is a first-class facility with a football field, facilities such as baths, cafeterias, a 135-person amphitheater, a parking lot, a mosque, and a dispensary.
  • The park was built on an area of 2,600 m2 to suit children, adolescents, women, and adult men, and a 200 m2 swimming pool with a fitness center and sauna was recently built.

Transportation in Basakşehir

  • Basakşehir has a strong and well-serviced transport network with various means of transportation such as buses, subways, and the Marmray train connecting the European section of Istanbul to the Asian section, and the Turkish government is also working recently to establish a tramway line in the region to ensure better transport services for the population.

The social environment in Basakşehir

  • All we mentioned earlier proves to us that the region constitutes a rich social environment, it contains many sports and recreational facilities such as markets, parks, theaters, commercial centers, cinemas, celebration halls, and conferences, and the proportion of young people in Basakşehir constitutes 50% of the total general population.

Urban development in Basakşehir 

  • Basakşehir is witnessing a remarkable and increasing development in the field of construction due to the exploitation of empty spaces through the construction of many modern real estate projects.
  • Real estate projects in the region have a special character and high-end architecture and are characterized by all amenities and luxury.
  • Real estate prices in The Basakşehir area are considered medium compared to other areas such as Şişli and Esenyurt and can be considered a high-end and quiet residential area.
  • The region has seen a marked increase in prices over the last five years, due to its proximity to 3 Istanbul airports, and because of the construction of new metro lines connecting it to the heart of Istanbul.
  • Likely, the prices of real estate and apartments in the Başakşehir region will continue to rise, due to the Turkish government’s start of the Istanbul Canal project, which will give the region great importance shortly.

real estate in Başakşehir 


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