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Beylikdüzü | Istanbul

Posted by Cayan on July 3, 2020

Beylikdüzü | Istanbul, everything you need to know about this area .


  • Beylikdüzü is located in the European part of Istanbul, on the Sea of Marmara on the one hand and the Esenyurt region on the other.
  • It is bordered to the west by Lake Büyükçekmece and to the east by Avcılar region.
  • E5 highway , which contains the most important and prominent transportation lines in Istanbul, is in the middle of the area.
  • Increased the importance of the region because of its easy access through it.

General qualities:

  • Istanbul’s most famous beach and seaport is on the southern side of the region.
  • Trees and the wide green spaces surrounding them and extending within them.
  • highway that facilitates the movement between the most important areas of Istanbul.
  • It is free of factories, pollution, fresh air, and clear air being high above sea level.
  • All these characteristics have given the region great importance and made it a favorite of all, investors, Turkish, and foreign residents.

Beylikdüzü website from The History of Istanbul:

  • Beylikdüzü region dates back to the 2nd century AD when the Greeks were the first to inhabit the area.
  • The Byzantines inhabited it after them and made it a resort for them during the period of the Byzantine Empire.
  • Then the Ottomans called it the ‘garden’ because of its large green spaces.
  • The Turks later called it ‘Kokli’ and meant poplar trees.
  • People began to move to the region in 1999 after a strong earthquake hit Istanbul and damaged many of its ancient areas.
  • Turkish government then decided to equip the area with all the necessary services and components and the construction of earthquake-resistant housing and buildings was imposed.
  • Beylikdüzü has become one of the finest regions in Istanbul and got its last name in 2003
  • Hence the beginning of the region’s entry into the Turkish real estate market.

The most important factors that characterize Beylikdüzü region:

  1. The Metrobus line connects the European section to the Asian section through many important areas.
  2. The Metrobus line reaches Beylikdüzü area with 5 stations.
  3. Shipping from Beylikdüzü coast to the Avcılar and Eminünü coast.
  4. Large malls, large malls, and open markets that meet the needs of the population.
  5. The presence of many tourist places and many high-end restaurants located within the port of West Istanbul Marina gives the port of Al-Manifa no less tourist importance than other regions.
  6. The spread of many health and government centers, cultural and recreational centers, and service institutions in the region.
  7. A favorable and mild climate, fresh air, and wide green areas extending within the region.


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Beylikdüzü | Istanbul .

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