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Posted by Cayan on May 29, 2020

1 – Buying through real estate broker:

In order to avoid many obstacles that may confront you when you decide to buy a property in Turkey, the best solution is to deal with a reputable real estate consulting company with a good experience in the Turkish real estate market to assist you in every step you take and ensure that you own a property in a legal and correct way. Also will provide the right advice and various offers appropriate for you.


2 – Choosing the right location.

When we talk about Istanbul, we are talking about magic, beauty and the important location that every tourist, businessman and investor want, Istanbul features a very unique location in general and the areas and regions vary according to their location and thus their prices are variable. Therefore, the projects of city center have always been important and of high value due to being close to the social, economic and tourist center, and there are also those projects with sea view which everyone wants to own and enjoy the charming views,

There are many options when you are searching for an apartment with a beautiful view or close to city center, but in return the value will be high.

Therefore, we advise everyone who wants to own a property in Turkey and in Istanbul particularly to ask about the social and health centers close to the project such as schools,, shopping malls, universities, hospitals, transportation, highways and entertainment centers, all of these points must be considered and very important to the location you are choosing.

3- The right view.

The last thing to expect when you buy an apartment in Istanbul is it does not overlook a nice view, as this is one of the most important features of both modern and old buildings, but we can always get a better view when we want, and each view has a corresponding cost, as the views differ according to the location. There are those views of the Bosphorus strait, which is the favourite view for everyone, followed by these charming sea views which are preferred by those who enjoy watching the sunset reflection on sea surface. And if none of these previous views are available, an internal green landscape of the project or highway view is available specially for those who wish to live near highways to reach all corners of the city easily.


4 – The apartment space.

Istanbul has always been the first and most important commercial, economic and educational center in Turkey and this is what makes it a region with a high population density, and most of the people coming from different regions in Turkey are looking for a specific opportunity to seize through work or study and they are the largest group in the city which consist of small families and students with low income and who always prefer to live in small and low cost housing close to transportation access and schools or work areas, so we always advise our investors to have several small apartments instead of a large one due to the high demand and the easy selling and renting of small apartments.


5- Under construction or ready to move apartments ?

We always advise our investors to buy a property under construction in order to make maximum profits. Investors are usually concerned about the accuracy of project delivery schedule, here comes the role of real estate companies which will provide a good advice about the construction company credibility and the number of previous projects that have been delivered on time or delayed.
From a legal point of view, it is unusual for a project to be delayed because the municipality always review the project, evaluate it technically and demonstrate the company’s ability to complete the project on time. Therefore, as we mentioned earlier, it is the best for you to work with a real estate consulting company with a good reputation to help you move towards a successful investment.

6 – Your expectations match your budget?

When your goals are within your expectation you become close to achieve a successful investment, and this is what we always recommend, but still sometimes investors have expectations and hopes that cannot be reached realistically in Istanbul by getting the ideal property at a low price that is not actually compatible with the real estate market in Turkey, and if that happens It may happen very rarely.

For example, it is not possible to own a large apartment with a direct sea view for a low price. Therefore, as a real estate consulting company, we are always looking for the most suitable real estate with high financial revenues that are matching investors budget, thus saving them effort and time in searching for the ideal property.



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