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Owning a property in Turkey | Important steps you must take before purchasing a property

Posted by Cayan on May 29, 2020

Owning a property in Turkey | Owning a property in Turkey .

1-Buying through a broker:

  • It is best for you when you want to own and invest in Turkey, dealing with a reputable real estate consulting firm to help you move towards a successful investment.
  • The advantages of dealing with a reputable real estate consulting firm:
  • Overcome many obstacles that you may face on your journey to buy a property in Turkey.
  • The real estate company provides important tips and various offers and is best suited to you.
  • Long experience in the Turkish real estate market and a wide choice of projects and real estate.
  • Assist you every step you take and ensure that you own a property in legal and correct ways.

2- Choose the right location:

  • When we talk about Istanbul, we talk about magic, beauty, and the important location that everyone, tourists, merchants, and investors, is visiting.
  • Istanbul has an unparalleled location in general and the nature and importance of its regions vary depending on its locations and thus vary its prices.
  • Projects near the city center are important and of high value due to their proximity to social, economic, and tourist centers.
  • Everyone wants to own apartments within the projects near the sea to enjoy the charming sea views.
  • There are many options when looking for an apartment with a charming view or in the city center but in return the value is high.

Important advice:

  • We advise anyone who wishes to own in Turkey and Istanbul specifically to inquire first about the social and health centers near the project such as schools, universities, hospitals, transportation, highways, and recreational centers, all of these things will give importance to the location you will choose later.

3- The appropriate view:

  • The last thing to expect when buying an apartment in Istanbul is that it doesn’t have a nice view.
  • Beautiful views are one of the most important features of both modern and old buildings.
  • We can always get a better look when we want to.
  • Each view has a corresponding financial value, the views vary depending on the location.

Views to suit your tastes:

  • Real estate in Turkey has different views that we arrange for you starting from the best:
  1. We have these views of the Bosphors and are everyone’s favorite view.
  2. The charming sea views are preferred by those who like to enjoy watching the sunset scare the sea.
  3. Views of the green forests for those who love the landscape and fresh air.
  4. Indoor green view of the project or a view of the pool,
  5. Highway view for those who wish to live near the highways.

4 – Apartment area:

  • Many residents in Istanbul are heading towards apartments with small areas for several reasons, including:
  1. Most people in Istanbul are mainly looking for work or study, and want to live near school or work areas.
  2. Small families and low-income students prefer to live in small, low-cost housing close to transportation lines.
  3. Owning several small apartments is better than owning a large apartment because of the high demand and ease of sale and rent.
  • Villas and apartments with large spaces are the most suitable option for large families who want to have a private space to recreate the noise and crowded complexes.

5- Prefabricated apartments or apartments under construction?

  • We always advise investors to buy a property under construction if they wish to earn a financial profit.
  • Investors’ concerns have always revolved around the validity of timely real-estate delivery, here comes the role of real estate companies to advise on the credibility of the construction company or the number of previous projects that have been delivered on time or delayed.
  • Legally it is rare to delay the delivery of a particular project due to the project’s advance presentation to the municipality to evaluate it technically and to prove the company’s ability to complete it on time.

6. Do your expectations match your budget?

  • When your goals are close to expectations, you are close to achieving a successful investment, which is what we always recommend.
  • Some investors carry expectations and hopes that cannot realistically be achieved in Istanbul by buying the optimal property at a low price or price that is not compatible with the real estate market in Turkey actually, and if this happens it may happen rarely and cannot be taken always.
  • Example: It is impossible to own a large apartment with direct sea views at a low price.
  • As a real estate consulting company we are always looking for the most suitable real estate with high financial gains and compatible with the needs of investors and their budgets and thus save them effort and time in research.

Owning a property in Turkey . 

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