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Istanbul shopping malls | Your destination for the best shopping malls in Istanbul

Posted by Cayan on May 10, 2020

Shopping malls in Istanbul.

  • Istanbul has the largest number of shopping malls in Europe.
  • Construction of a new shopping mall begins with each passing day, thanks to the terrible demand for it.
  • For the city’s residents and visitors, Istanbul offers many options that have begun to emerge recently.
  • Some people prefer shopping malls closer to their homes than to the problem of the city’s overcrowding.
  • Others believe that the famous and large shopping malls are more important and contain everything they want.
  • The large shopping malls have different goods of high quality and are worth the long journey.
  • You may be wondering about Istanbul’s most popular shopping malls and how to reach them!
  • That’s what we’re talking about in this article.

We have selected some shopping malls that are worth a visit.


  • It is a shopping center located in the Sariyer area of the European section of Istanbul.
  • Contains a lot of shops and international brands distributed on 4 floors.
  • It features many local and international restaurants, cafés, spacious cinemas, and children’s entertainment venues.
  • You can encounter a famous person every day in this center, which is a favorite of many famous magazines.
  • This center may be far from railway stations, but that does not mean there is no public transport nearby.
  • The easiest way to transport him is private cars and taxis, as well as many buses passing by.
  • You can reach Istinye Park by walking or by using another car after disembarking from the M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman metro that passes near the area.


  • This center addresses lovers of semi-open spaces through its unique design.
  • In terms of location, Zorlu’s center shines on very valuable land in central Istanbul in the Beşiktaş region.
  • It has many shopping malls, restaurants, international branded cafes, and cinemas.
  • The center also contains hotels, apartments, offices, and leisure centers.
  • Zorlu-Center is home to Istanbul’s largest cultural center, which offers many international cultural and artistic events and performing arts.
  • The Cultural Center and events are an integral part of this integrated project, which is worth a visit.
  • You can reach the center of Zorlo by the Metro station ‘gayrettepe’ metro station m2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman and through Metrobus station ‘Zincirlikuyu’, you can also ride one of the buses passing through this area.


  • The place that offers the first suspended railway line from the European side in the Sariyer area next to the Türk Telekom Stadium, close to Istanbul’s busiest metro line.
  • Wadi Center contains green spaces distributed inside and outside the center give a new meaning to shopping.
  • It is located near the northern forests that give you fresh air while shopping.
  • The Istanbul Valley has many shops belonging to international and local brands.
  • The center includes a cinema and many restaurants, famous cafes and various entertainment centers.
  • Cinema showcases its films with the latest display technology in the world and offers the best amenities and luxury.
  • You can reach the Istanbul Valley by rail, starting with the Metro line ‘M2 Yenikapı – Hacıosman’ and disembarking at the station ‘Sanayi Mahallesi’ and then moving to the Havaray line in the ‘Seyrantepe’ area.
  • For those who use buses, you can reach the area by taking the 41Y bus from yenikapı or 47L/62H from hacıosman.


  • The Akasya Shopping Centre was established on one of the finest Asian side lands in the Üsküdar region.
  • It is one of the largest shopping malls in Istanbul and the most luxurious life centers on the coast and has received many awards.
  • There are many transportations sought to reach this center, which also includes apartments, offices and a cultural and artistic center.
  • Akasya has a modern design and has many shops with international and local brands.
  • It has many world-famous restaurants and cafes. The center includes a city of games and cinemas.
  • This shopping center can be reached by the ‘Ünalan’ metro line station m4 Kadıköy-Tavsantepe and the ‘Uzunçayır’ station for the Metrobus line.
  • It is also possible to reach it by riding one of the buses that pass through the E-5 motorway.

Mall of İstanbul

  • Despite being far from the central areas of Istanbul, Mall of İstanbul is the largest shopping mall in Istanbul.
  • It has an important location in İkitelli area of başakşehir region near İSTOÇ wholesale market and masko home furniture market.
  • Mall of Istanbul hosts hundreds of stores and plays a major role in the transfer of cultural and artistic activities to the region.
  • Istanbul residents are gradually moving to the area of this center due to its proximity to the Kanal Istanbul future project.
  • The Mall of Istanbul has many international and local branded shops.
  • It has many well-known restaurants, cafés, and cultural and leisure centers.
  • It has the largest indoor gaming city in Europe and many cinemas.
  • You can reach the shopping center by hiking after disembarking at the ‘İkitelli Sanayi’ metro line station ‘M3 Kirazlı-Metrokent’,
    There are also express buses heading from yenikapı/Aksaray area to the area.

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Istanbul shopping malls | Your destination for the best shopping malls in Istanbul .

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