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Istanbul shopping malls | Your destination for the best shopping malls in Istanbul

Posted by Cayan on May 10, 2020

Leading Shopping Centers in Istanbul | Explore Key Shopping Destinations and How to Reach Them

Shopping malls in Istanbul.

Istanbul has the largest number of shopping malls in Europe. Construction of a new shopping mall begins with each passing day, thanks to the terrible demand for it.

For the city’s residents and visitors, Istanbul offers many options that have begun to emerge recently. Some people prefer shopping malls closer to their homes than to the problem of the city’s overcrowding.

Others believe that the famous and large shopping malls are more important and contain everything they want. The large shopping malls have different goods of high quality and are worth the long journey.

You may be wondering about Istanbul’s most popular shopping malls and how to reach them! That’s what we’re talking about in this article.

We have selected some shopping malls that are worth a visit.


  • It is a shopping center located in the Sariyer area of the European section of Istanbul.
  • Contains a lot of shops and international brands distributed on 4 floors.
  • It features many local and international restaurants, cafés, spacious cinemas, and children’s entertainment venues.
  • You can encounter a famous person every day in this center, which is a favorite of many famous magazines.
  • This center may be far from railway stations, but that does not mean there is no public transport nearby.
  • The easiest way to transport him is private cars and taxis, as well as many buses passing by.
  • You can reach Istinye Park by walking or by using another car after disembarking from the M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman metro that passes near the area.



  • This center addresses lovers of semi-open spaces through its unique design.
  • In terms of location, Zorlu’s center shines on very valuable land in central Istanbul in the Beşiktaş region.
  • It has many shopping malls, restaurants, international branded cafes, and cinemas.
  • The center also contains hotels, apartments, offices, and leisure centers.
  • Zorlu-Center is home to Istanbul’s largest cultural center, which offers many international cultural and artistic events and performing arts.
  • The Cultural Center and events are an integral part of this integrated project, which is worth a visit.
  • You can reach the center of Zorlo by the Metro station ‘Gayrettepe’ metro station m2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman and through Metrobus station ‘Zincirlikuyu’, you can also ride one of the buses passing through this area.



  • The place that offers the first suspended railway line from the European side is the Sariyer area next to the Türk Telekom Stadium, close to Istanbul’s busiest metro line.
  • Wadi Center contains green spaces distributed inside and outside the center giving a new meaning to shopping.
  • It is located near the northern forests that give you fresh air while shopping.
  • The Istanbul Valley has many shops belonging to international and local brands.
  • The center includes a cinema many restaurants, famous cafes, and various entertainment centers.
  • Cinema showcases its films with the latest display technology in the world and offers the best amenities and luxury.
  • You can reach the Istanbul Valley by rail, starting with the Metro line ‘M2 Yenikapı – Hacıosman’ and disembarking at the station ‘Sanayi Mahallesi’ and then moving to the Havaray line in the ‘Seyrantepe’ area.
  • For those who use buses, you can reach the area by taking the 41Y bus from yenikapı or 47L/62H from hacıosman.



  • The Akasya Shopping Centre was established on one of the finest Asian side lands in the Üsküdar region.
  • It is one of the largest shopping malls in Istanbul and the most luxurious life center on the coast and has received many awards.
  • There are many transportation sought to reach this center, which also includes apartments, offices, and a cultural and artistic center.
  • Akasya has a modern design and has many shops with international and local brands.
  • It has many world-famous restaurants and cafes. The center includes a city of games and cinemas.
  • This shopping center can be reached by the ‘Ünalan’ metro line station m4 Kadıköy-Tavsantepe and the ‘Uzunçayır’ station for the Metrobus line.
  • It is also possible to reach it by riding one of the buses that pass through the E-5 motorway.


Mall of İstanbul

  • Despite being far from the central areas of Istanbul, the Mall of İstanbul is the largest shopping mall in Istanbul.
  • It has an important location in the İkitelli area of the başakşehir region near the İSTOÇ wholesale market and make home furniture market.
  • Mall of Istanbul hosts hundreds of stores and plays a major role in the transfer of cultural and artistic activities to the region.
  • Istanbul residents are gradually moving to the area of this center due to its proximity to the Kanal Istanbul future project.
  • The Mall of Istanbul has many international and local branded shops.
  • It has many well-known restaurants, cafés, and cultural and leisure centers.
  • It has the largest indoor gaming city in Europe and many cinemas.
  • You can reach the shopping center by hiking after disembarking at the ‘İkitelli Sanayi metro line station ‘M3 Kirazlı-Metrokent’, There are also express buses heading from the yenikapı/Aksaray area to the area.


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