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Real Estate Information in Turkey | Important Laws and Guidelines for Foreign Investors

Posted by Cayan on August 19, 2023

Real Estate Information in Turkey | Important Laws and Guidelines for Foreign Investors


Turkey is considered one of the most significant tourist and investment destinations in the world, boasting stunning natural beauty and a thriving economy. If you’re considering real estate investment in Turkey, there are several legal aspects and important information you need to take into account. In this article, we will cover three crucial real estate pieces of information using some expressive symbols to highlight the importance of this information.


Maximum Area Foreigners Can Own in Turkey:

In recent years, Turkey has been attracting foreign investors to the real estate sector. In this context, some laws specify the maximum area of properties that foreigners can own. According to current legislation, foreigners can own properties with an area of up to 30,000 square meters. This allows investors to enjoy owning luxurious villas or lands and residences in beautiful areas within Turkey.


Is There a Specific Age for Your Real Estate in Turkey?

For foreigners wishing to purchase property in Turkey, there is no specific age for properties. In other words, individuals can enjoy owning property for an indefinite period. This provides investors with confidence and stability in real estate investment over the long term.


Prohibited Areas You Cannot Own Near:

When buying property in Turkey, you must pay attention to prohibited ownership areas. According to property laws, foreigners are prohibited from owning properties in certain sensitive strategic or cultural areas. Investors should verify these prohibited areas before making a purchasing decision.


Price Developments and Investment Returns:

Turkey is a dynamic real estate market, experiencing significant price developments in recent years. The real estate sector in cities like Istanbul and Antalya is highly important in terms of investment returns. The real estate market attracts foreigners due to attractive investment opportunities and high returns on properties, whether through leasing to tourists or residents.


Diversity of Locations and Property Types:

Turkey offers a wide range of properties, from modern residential apartments in urban centers to luxurious villas on the coasts and in beautiful rural areas. Whether you’re seeking a commercial investment or residential property for living or buying, this diversity allows you to choose the property that suits your needs and goals.


Legal and Financial Procedures:

Before embarking on real estate investment in Turkey, it’s essential to understand the legal and financial procedures involved. You should become familiar with the buying and selling process, applicable taxes, and necessary licenses. Obtaining advice from a lawyer specialized in Turkish property laws is advisable to ensure a smooth and lawful transaction.


Government Role in Facilitating Investments:

The Turkish government aims to encourage real estate investments through supportive policies and legal reforms. Programs like “Citizenship by Investment” provide foreigners with an opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship through specific real estate investments. This adds an extra advantage to real estate investment in Turkey.


Your investment in real estate in Turkey can be a strategic and successful step due to the vibrant economic environment and diverse opportunities available in this promising market.

In summary, real estate in Turkey presents amazing opportunities for foreign investors, but it comes with specific laws and challenges. If you’re considering purchasing property in Turkey, understanding local laws and property regulations is essential to make your investment successful and profitable.

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