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Şişli Region | Istanbul

Posted by Cayan on July 3, 2020

Şişli Region | Istanbul everything you need to know about it .

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  • Şişli area is located in the European section of Istanbul, near Taksim.
  • It is an important part of the city center and is considered one of the most important tourist areas in Istanbul.
  • It is surrounded by many important and popular areas such as Fatih , Beşiktaş , Sarıyer , and Kabataş .

The importance of the region :

  • The area consists of many famous and ancient neighborhoods in addition to many tourist areas, recreational centers, parks, and parks.
  • Modern buildings with modern designs and high-rise heights have recently begun to creep into the area.
  • Stone buildings that reflect Ottoman civilization and ancient houses make up the largest proportion of the region.
  • The area has become a unique painting with a wonderful blend of ancient and modern art.
  • Istanbul’s indigenous population and old families in Turkey are middle-income and traders.
  • The area is home to a large number of old and historic houses.
  • Because it is an important area in Istanbul, it has recently begun to attract many construction companies to keep pace with the urban development of Istanbul.
  • It has become one of the most important attractions for investors, by building residential towers and huge complexes with modern designs.
  • The region has occupied an important position in the Turkish real estate market and has attracted many foreign nationalities to own it under the heading of real estate investment in Turkey.

The most important factors that characterize the Şişli region:

  1. Located within the center of Istanbul and is an important tourist area and its proximity to the most important tourist and historical areas.
  2. Its proximity to the sea connecting it to the Beşiktaş region.
  3. The presence of many universities and cultural and educational centers.
  4. The region is home to people of all faiths and nationalities who form social, cultural and religious diversity.
  5. It is within a meeting point for many transportation lines such as metro, metros, and public transport buses.
  6. The area contains many markets and commercial and recreational centers that meet all needs.
  7. It has many hotels belonging to international chains as well as many tourist and archaeological places.

Şişli region and real estate market in Istanbul:

  • Şişli region has become an important commercial center and a center for many international and Turkish companies.
  • The emergence of many complexes, huge residential towers, and famous hotels have added a modern and modern character.
  • Many construction companies, hotel companies, and commercial companies have competed to build a variety of important towers.
  • The buildings and towers include apartments and offices with different designs and spaces, luxurious designs, and magnificent marine views.
  • The area attracted many investors, high budget holders, and businessmen due to the high price of real estate in it because it is one of the areas of the city center, and its important location close to the sea and archaeological and historical sites.


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Şişli Region | Istanbul

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