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The different views in Istanbul and the importance it offers for the property.

Posted by Cayan on May 29, 2020

The different views in Istanbul and the importance it offers for the property.

A brief description of the importance of Istanbul’s location and nature:

  • Istanbul has been and continues to be everyone’s destination because of its charm, beauty, and an important location for traders and investors.
  • The city has an unparalleled location and has many green forests and mountains.
  • Istanbul is in the middle of the seas, it is located on the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea.
  • From the old grounds are houses lined near each other in wonderful colors and red roofs.
  • Ancient Istanbul contains many palaces and large ancient mosques that echo the sound of life.
  • Most of the scenery and qualities we mentioned earlier meet on the banks of the Bosphorus.
  • The views share the customs and traditions of the people of the city and the delicious foods and offer us its new dress extending around it, which is made up of modern buildings and modern designs.

Bosphorus Strait:

  • The Bosphorus Strait is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world and contains the richest archaeological sites such as palaces, museums, and holy places.
  • It is the only crossing point for the Black Sea countries that helps them reach their destination towards global waters.
  • The Turkish state adopts the task of protecting the Bosphorus Bank as a great legacy and a historical region.
  • We can say that the Bosphorus is one of the most important crossings that help the trade of the Black Sea countries flourish.
  • The Straits region does not witness any of the modern urban projects, which explains its description of old Istanbul.
  • The area is home to the oldest buildings and the greatest historical places, and if we encounter any construction works, they are only restor ation projects.

Views for everyone:

  • The last thing you can expect when buying an apartment in Istanbul is that it does not have a beautiful view, it is one of the most important characteristics of both modern and old buildings.
  • We can always get a better view when we want to, and each view has a corresponding financial value that varies depending on the location.

Rating views:

  1. Views of the Bosphorus are the first in importance and are everyone’s favorite views.
  2. Is there anything better than watching the sunset scare the sea for those who prefer the sea views?
  3. For those who love the scenery and fresh air, you can get this through apartments overlooking the green forests.
  4. Views from within the project of green gardens and summer pools.
  5. A view of the highway for those who want to reach all parts of the city effortlessly.

Distinctive views and high buildings:

  • For those who have not been lucky to own an apartment with direct views of the Bosphorus and we all know that it is not easy, some companies solved this problem by investing in sites near the Bosphorus and building projects with high towers that enable its residents to get a golden view of the strait and a modern urban system at the same time, that makes it one of the best and most successful projects and the highest demand and value.

Close to the sea:

  • As mentioned earlier, most people want to own a villa or apartment with direct sea views.
  • Fortunately, Istanbul has a long waterfront and terrain along the Sea of Marmara.
  • Most of the marine areas were built in the old days, leaving only some areas located on the sea.
  • Construction companies are purchasing the remaining areas close to the sea to build modern residential projects with distinctive sea views.
  • The closer your apartment is to the sea, the happier you are to be if you want to stay or invest.

The most important areas that host marine spaces and views:


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The different views in Istanbul and the importance it offers for the property.

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