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The importance of different views in Istanbul City.

Posted by Cayan on May 29, 2020


The importance of different views in Istanbul City.

Istanbul was and still one of everyone’s favourite destination due to its charming nature, beauty and the important location for businessmen and investors.

It features an exceptional location with many green forests and mountains in the middle of ​​Marmara and Black Sea , from the old lands you can see lined houses next to each other forming a unique paint with its wonderful colors and red roofs. Also you can see the ancient palaces that tell us stories of the greatest sultans, empires, large and ancient mosques that echo the sound of life. Do we really need more advantages than what we mentioned to get stunning views.

Most of these scenes and attributes gather on the banks of Bosphorus strait showing off their beauty and tell the old Istanbul story, sharing the customs, traditions & delicious food of the people , and presenting us with its new dress that extends around the whole city which is formed of modern buildings and modern designs.

Speaking of the Bosphorus, in addition to being a favourite destination for tourists from all around the world and containing the richest archaeological sites such as palaces, museums and holy places, it is considered the guide and the only crossing for the countries located on the Black Sea that helps them reach their destination towards international waters, therefore it is one of the most important straits that helps these countries’ trade.

Turkish state adopts the task of protecting the Bosphorus Bank as a great heritage and historical region, so this region does not witness any new projects, and this explains its description of the old Istanbul or the heart of Istanbul as the city residents call it because of it embraces the oldest buildings and the greatest historical places,

And if we come across any new construction works in the area, they will be just restoration projects for everything that is important.

The last thing you would expect when you buy an apartment in Istanbul is that it does not have a beautiful view, as this is one of the most important characteristics of both modern and old buildings, but we can always get a better view if we want, and each view has a corresponding cost, as the views are different according to the location. We have those views of the Bosphorus strait, which is the favourite view for everyone, followed by these charming sea views, which are preferred by those who enjoy watching the sunset reflection on sea surface, and for those who love natural scenes and fresh air, they can get that through the views of green forests.

And when none of these previous views are available, there will be an internal green landscape of the project or a view of the highway for those who wish to live near highways to reach all corners of the city easily.

For those who were not lucky to own an apartment with a direct view of the Bosphorus Strait and we all know that it is not that easy, some companies have solved this problem by constructing locations near the Bosphorus Strait and building projects with high towers that enable their residents to have a golden view of the strait and a modern urban construction in the same time.
Which makes them one of the best, most successful, and most demanding and valuable projects.

As we mentioned earlier, most people want to own a villa or apartment with a direct sea view Fortunately everyone who thought of owning or investing in Istanbul, this city has a long waterfront that extends over Marmara Sea, and since most of these spaces have already been built in the past, there is nothing left just some areas located on the sea bought by construction companies and they develop a few modern sea view projects. We can mention the most important of these areas that have these spaces and are considered the first destination for those who wish to live in Istanbul and enjoy a sea view, Bakirkoy, Zeytinburnu, Kadıköy, Kartal, Küçükçekmece, Büyükçekmece, Avcilar, Beylikduzu, Pendik, Güzelyalı.

We would like to mention that sea views apartments are considered one of the most demanded and costly apartments as we have mentioned earlier so they take the second place of importance after the ones overlooking the Bosphorus Strait located in the city center and in the third place are the ones overlooking the forests and green landscapes. In conclusion we can say that the closer you apartment to the sea, the greater your chances to be satisfied whether you are looking for living or investment.

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