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Inheritance law in Türkiye | Wills and taxes related to real estate in Türkiye

Posted by Cayan on May 14, 2020

Inheritance law in Türkiye | Wills and taxes related to real estate in Türkiye

Turkey’s inheritance law and tax levied

Many who own in Turkey for the purpose of staying or investing have no idea about Turkish inheritance law.

Important information that you should know before you make the decision to own in this country.


The policy of Turkish inheritance law:

  • Turkey’s inheritance law policy simply depends on the location of the property.
  • Turkish law applies to any property located on Turkish territory, even if it belongs to a foreign individual.
  • To carry out the transfer of ownership, the laws of the country to which the deceased property belongs are subject.
  • The Turkish government follows its own law regarding immovable property, including real estate.

Inheritance eligibility in sequence:

•In the absence of a will, legally qualified heirs are determined by family sequence:

  • The husband, wife, and children receive legally defined shares if they are the first heirs.
  • In the absence of children of the deceased, his property goes to the father and mother.
  • If the father and mother are not alive, the inheritance is passed on to the brothers.
  • According to Turkish inheritance law, grandchildren and grandchildren are the last heirs of the deceased person.
  • If there are no heirs to the deceased person, his property goes to the Turkish government.


Inheritance tax in Turkey:

  • By legal controls, the Turkish government imposes an inheritance tax on the untransferred property of the deceased person.
  • Compared to other countries, inheritance taxes in Turkey on immovable properties are fairly low.
  • The value of the property, its geographical location, and the condition of the deceased person are the things that determine the value of taxes ranging from 1% to 30%.


Inheritance tax, when should it be paid?

3 years, is the maximum payment of inheritance tax, in May and November of each year.


The will in Turkey :

Like many countries around the world, anyone can write a will specifying who wishes to leave their property to them, and the civil status law in this country shows how to deal with the will:

  • To write a legally recognized will foreign persons must encode by Turkish law.
  • One of the conditions that must be met by Turkish law to write any will is that the person who writes the will exceeds the age of 15 and must be sane and mature.
  • The author of the will can authenticate it with the notary and sign it in front of two witnesses, and he can write it in his hand or indoctrinate it orally.
  • The date of writing and the signature of the owner, what the will must contain before handing it over to the notary or the court.


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