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Turkish Passport 2023 | Features and Process of Obtaining It

Posted by Cayan on March 22, 2023

Turkish Passport 2023 | Features and Process of Obtaining It


Many businessmen seek a second nationality to ease travel and manage their businesses worldwide. Many Arab and Middle Eastern expatriates generally choose Turkey for stability, with many buying apartments in Turkey for residence.


Certain Turkish cities attract European retirees seeking beautiful landscapes and mild weather for leisure. It’s noteworthy that any foreigner can obtain a Turkish passport by purchasing property or properties worth $250,000 or slightly more. This is according to the Turkish exceptional citizenship law and its amendments.


This law benefits spouses and children under eighteen. When foreign investors obtain a Turkish passport, they can enjoy all its advantages.


Features of the Turkish Passport 2023

  1. The Turkish passport ranks 30th globally in terms of strength.
  2. Holders of the Turkish passport can enter over 120 countries without prior visa arrangements.
  3. Obtaining a European entry visa or a Schengen visa is easy and fast.
  4. According to Turkish law, those exceptionally obtaining Turkish citizenship can retain their original citizenship.
  5. It’s possible to acquire a Turkish passport valid for 10 years without renewal.
  6. Turkish passport holders have the right to vote and enjoy all the rights of Turkish citizens in education, healthcare, and retirement, among others.


How to Obtain the Turkish Passport 2023

There are several ways to obtain a Turkish passport, but the most common and straightforward methods involve investment to acquire Turkish citizenship. There are three main investment routes for obtaining citizenship:

  • Depositing $500,000 US dollars, or the equivalent in other foreign currencies, in a Turkish bank for three years.
  • The second option involves creating employment opportunities for 100 Turkish citizens in an investment project.
  • The third and quickest option is real estate investment with $400,000 US dollars.
  • When investing $400,000 in Turkish real estate, the investor and their family can acquire Turkish citizenship within a few months of application.
  • It’s possible to purchase multiple properties for this amount, making real estate investment multifacetedly successful.


Attributes Making Turkey Attractive to Foreign Investors

  1. Turkey’s strategic location and cultural diversity allow the integration of all cultures into Turkish society.
  2. The diverse and moderate climate allows enjoyment of all four seasons throughout the year.
  3. High educational and medical standards in Turkish institutions.
  4. Easy access to Turkish visas, school enrollment, and university registration.
  5. Robust infrastructure and major projects make Turkey a highly suitable investment destination.
  6. Various facilities are offered by the Turkish government to foreign investors across all fields.
  7. Turkey’s strong and competitive economy positions it as a highly successful investment environment.


The number of foreign investors in Turkey is increasing significantly, with many Arabs, Europeans, and Asians choosing it for residence and business establishment. The Turkish government continually develops regulations for foreign investment protection.


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