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Types of title deeds in Turkey | A comprehensive guide and explanation of the differences between them

Posted by Cayan on May 16, 2020

Types of title deeds in Turkey | A comprehensive guide and explanation of the differences between them


  • There are several types of title deeds in Turkey, which vary depending on the type of property.
  • The type of title deed is indicated in the box assigned to it.


Agricultural title:

What is the agricultural title deed?

  • It is a distinctive title deed in blue and is regulated for agricultural land and fields.
  • The agricultural title deed. gives the owner the right to establish agricultural and animal husbandry projects.
  • We would like to note that the form and nature of the title deed can change over the years and the reconstruction plans will be extended to the Royal Sindh area.
  • It is preferable to review the relevant municipalities to verify the validity of the title deed and make the necessary adjustments.


Construction deed:

  • This type of title deed is regulated for independent buildings such as houses, factories, and independent warehouses by building them.
  • The general characteristics of the property are mentioned and recorded as a single block.

Mortgage deed or ‘floor easement’:

  • This type of title deed is regulated to determine the shares of the owners within the project.
  • This type of title deed enables contractors to obtain financing for their projects.
  • The right to full ownership is not granted until the project is completed and a dedicated title deed for each part of it is issued.


Mortgage deed:

  • This type of title deed is usually regulated for buildings or projects that are not yet established based on the scheme.
  • The construction company selects a suitable plot of land for the project and displays the plan to be approved for construction.
  • The project is divided into several residential sections, and organizes a special title deed for each department later, containing the property information and its location from the project.
  • If the project is not completed, the title deed will be reconstruction or agricultural.
  • After the completion of the construction, housing approval is obtained to allocate the title deeds.
  • To ensure the rights of the owner, he must obtain the floor property register.


Property registry floor:

  • The document that shows the owner’s rights to the building is sufficient proof that the building was legally constructed.

Housing approval:

  • It is a document that is organized by the construction company according to the criteria specified by the municipalities responsible for the project to be created.
  • Through this document, it is ensured that the project complies with the legal standards imposed by the state.
  • These legal standards include ‘earthquake, fire, and other insurance’.


full title deed:

  • The full title deed gives the right of full ownership to the owner of the property and is organized after the completion of the construction work.
  • The independent sections of the project are assigned and approved for use, after which housing approval is obtained.
  • Detailed information about the property is mentioned in the full title deed, which distinguishes it from the rest of the title deeds.
  • Information about the property: (the type of apartment, location of the project, number of the property, and the floor in it).


Transitional title deed:

  • This type of title deed gives full ownership of the property for a specified period of the year.
  • It is also known as the ‘Participatory Title Deed’ and means limiting the period of use of the drug by the number of days mentioned in the document.


Joint Land Registry ‘Joint Title Deed’:

  • This title deed is organized in the name of more than one person at certain proportions per person.
  • The ratios are recorded according to the desire of the partners differently or equally.
  • The joint title deed gives the partners the right to use any section of the property.
  • This type of title deed is a recent procedure by the Turkish government to support investment and investors.

Real Estate Commercial Registry:

  • It is a title deed that is regulated for properties intended for commercial activities.
  • The residential property can only be used for business when the owner determines the purpose of the property use.
  • This is done during the organization of the ‘title deed’ by writing down the words ‘commercial real estate register’.
  • The type of the title deed can be transferred from residential to commercial or vice versa if it is not specified following the regulation of the title deed.


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