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Women in Diyarbakir Craft Exquisite Woolen Carpets | Success Story in Exporting to Japan

Posted by Cayan on May 26, 2024

Women in Diyarbakir Craft Exquisite Woolen Carpets | Success Story in Exporting to Japan


Learning and Production at the Family Support Center in Sur

Women in Diyarbakir, Turkey, are learning the art of carpet weaving, showcasing skill and mastery in crafting woolen carpets. The Family Support Center is located in the Sur district in the heart of the city, where women receive training and work on fulfilling orders, including those directed from Japanese companies.


Success in Production and Export

After completing training courses, women began weaving woolen carpets with mastery, impressing companies in Japan. Large orders were made to import the woven carpets to Japan, prompting women to increase their efforts to meet these demands.


Positive Impact on Foreign Investment in Turkey

The success of the carpet weaving initiative in Diyarbakir represents a success story that enhances Turkey’s status as an attractive investment destination. This positive economic growth demonstrates the country’s ability to develop its traditional industries and expand its income sources through exports. Additionally, this success enhances economic cooperation between Turkey and Japan, boosting confidence in the Turkish economy and encouraging more foreign investments in the country.


Diverse Courses and Their Social and Economic Impact

Since 2014, the Family Support Center in Diyarbakir has aimed to empower women and develop their skills by offering a variety of training courses, including the carpet weaving course. Thanks to these courses, 5450 women have benefited from training in various fields, earning certificates that qualify them to become key trainers.


Women Carpet Weavers | Journey from Training to Export

Thanks to the carpet weaving course, 12 women in Diyarbakir have been able to develop their skills and participate in fulfilling an order from a Japanese company. The carpets woven by skilled women are sent to Japan, where they have garnered significant interest. However, the current number of workers is not sufficient to meet the demand, prompting the center to attract more participants to the weaving courses.


Boosting the Local Economy and Enhancing Women’s Role

With the financial support received by trainees from training courses, this initiative contributes to stimulating the local economy. The Japanese demand for woven carpets from Diyarbakir is expected to increase the importance of women’s role in the local economy.


Achieving Financial Gains and Skill Development

The Family Support Center in Diyarbakir organizes diverse courses to develop women’s skills, including the “Carpet Weaving” course. Trainers like Turkcan Sevir indicate that participants in these courses receive financial compensation and practical training that varies in duration depending on their skill level.


Achieving Goals and Encouraging Creativity

Participants in courses like Buket Akbi emphasize that the courses are not just about learning skills but also foster social interaction and achieve financial gains. She indicates that developing this craft is challenging for beginners, but with time and training, working in this field becomes more enjoyable and fulfilling.


Supporting Production and Meeting External Demand

Thanks to training courses and strong determination, women in Diyarbakir are able to produce high-quality artistic carpets demanded by customers abroad. This success reflects the ability to develop skills and leverage available economic opportunities, thereby enhancing women’s role in the local and international economy.


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