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Exploring Turkey as the Ideal Remote Work Destination | Digital Nomad Visa Program

Posted by Cayan on May 26, 2024

Exploring Turkey as the Ideal Remote Work Destination | Digital Nomad Visa Program


Turkey, with its vibrant cities and stunning coastlines, has become one of the top tourist destinations in the world, and now it is shifting towards becoming a haven for remote work. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has launched the “Digital Nomad Visa” program. Digital nomads can now easily apply for entry visas to Turkey through the Digital Nomad GoTürkiye platform, provided by the agency for Tourism Promotion and Development.


Upon completing the requirements through this platform, digital nomads will receive a “Digital Nomad ID Certificate,” enabling them to complete the necessary procedures at Turkish consulates and visa centers. Turkey grants this visa to citizens of several countries, encompassing a wide range of nationalities and specific age groups, to enhance its role as a preferred destination for remote work and foreign investment.


Steps to Obtain the Visa

To obtain the Digital Nomad ID Certificate, applicants must upload the following documents after registering on the platform:

– A passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Turkey.

– A higher education certificate or alternative document proving that the applicant works remotely. This document can be an employment contract with a non-Turkish company or a freelance work contract (excluding companies in Turkey).

– A biometric photo.

– A document proving that the applicant earns a monthly income of at least $3000 or an annual income of at least $36,000.


Turkey as a Remote Work Haven | What it Offers

Thanks to its strong technological infrastructure and strategic location facilitating easy access, Turkey has become a known destination for remote workers in recent years. Visitors can now extend their stay in Turkey and enjoy the country’s beauty while working remotely, benefiting from high-speed internet and cellular connectivity in its major cities.



The Turkish city of Istanbul is not just a cultural melting pot; it’s also a vibrant business hub housing both large corporations and small startups. This lively city caters to the needs of all professionals and visitors, thanks to its advanced transportation infrastructure and diverse accommodation options, ranging from furnished apartments to luxury hotels. Remote workers can enjoy stunning natural views while working in cafes and parks that offer free internet access, adding significant value to their experience. With its vibrancy, multicultural history, and delicious cuisine, Istanbul provides a unique social environment for remote workers to enjoy an exciting and vibrant experience.



Recommended by Lonely Planet for travel in 2024, Izmir is a spacious and comfortable city that perfectly meets the needs of digital nomads. It boasts a beautiful coastal location on the Aegean Sea, offering a wide range of accommodation options and a cultural diversity blending history with contemporary life.


With its modern infrastructure, the famous coastal cities in Izmir have become a comfortable place for remote workers. Regardless of your place of residence, you can continue working in cafes and enjoy the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea whenever you feel the need to relax. Izmir combines the beauty of nature with cultural charm and ease of life, making it an ideal destination for remote workers seeking a perfect balance between work and relaxation.



The large city of Mugla, located at the intersection of the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea, is an ideal choice for mobile workers. It offers famous landmarks such as the cities of Dalaman, Bodrum, Fethiye, and Marmaris, providing an overall work environment that makes visitors feel like they are on vacation.


Mugla provides a quiet and beautiful work environment thanks to its stunning nature and excellent infrastructure. Leisure time is more enjoyable through various activities, including exploring ancient cities and boat trips, along with savoring delicious seafood. For those dreaming of a workspace resembling paradise, Mugla with its golden beaches surrounded by crystal-clear waters and serene bays is a dreamy destination that adds a touch of allure and relaxation to the work and leisure experience in this magnificent city.



Antalya, the heart of the Turkish Riviera, is also a favorite destination for remote workers, offering 300 sunny days annually, long beaches, ancient cities, and museums reflecting the city’s glorious history, along with delicious Mediterranean cuisine. This city provides a unique destination where visitors can enjoy beautiful views while working and taking a break.


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