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The metro station and the difference it makes near your property.

Posted by Cayan on May 14, 2020

The metro station and the difference it makes near your property.


Istanbul Metro Co.

  • The municipality of Greater Istanbul, established the Istanbul Metro Company in 1988 to activate and develop railway systems.
  • The company is establishing and activating the metro, tramway, suspended railway, and cable cars in Istanbul.
  • Since President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was mayor of Istanbul, he has pledged to continue supporting the project.
  • With the aim of destroying the entire city, the Turkish president has launched a slogan that means ‘metro everywhere and reaches everywhere’
  • The railway continues to extend to large areas previously unserviced and the aim is to connect all the lines together.

Istanbul Metro Services

  1. The metro network today covers an area of 233.05 km from Istanbul with a 154.25 km rail system of the total system.
  2. Istanbul metro stations serve more than 2 million daily passengers through 13 lines.
  3. The Metro brand is one of the world-renowned brands of quality of service.
  4. The International Federation of Public Transport has selected the T1 Kabataş-Bağcılar tram line as the best application in the world because it meets the needs of the largest number of passengers.
  5. Metro strives to finish its business faster and with higher quality every time it adds a new line.
  6. The year 2020 saw the opening of a new self-driving metro line, the M7 line (Mecidiyeköy – Mahmutbey).
  7. The year 2021 will see the opening of a new metro line, the M11 (Istanbul Airport – Gayrettepe).


M7 Metro Line (Mecidiyeköy – Mahmutbey)

  1. The M7 metro line (Mecidiyeköy – Mahmutbey) is the first self-driving metro line in the European section of Istanbul.
  2. The metro line connects the two most important areas of The Mecidiyeköy and the Bassin Express area.
  3. Mecidiyeköy is located in the upper part of The Municipality of Şişli, which is the first commercial center in the city.
  4. The Bassin Express is an important commercial center in Istanbul and contains many modern real estate projects.


M11 Metro Line (Istanbul airport – Gayrettepe)

  1. Istanbul residents and foreigners are eagerly awaiting the completion of this metro line.
  2. The M11 metro line connects the ‘New Airport’ area of the Gayrettepe area of the city center.
  3. The M11 metro line is expected to be operational in late 2021.
  4. The company is creating another section from the ‘New Airport’ to Halkalı which is expected to be activated in 2022.


A bright future

  • As the railway system accelerates, Istanbul Metro is constantly improving service quality through a specific approach suitable for passengers.
  • The company provides fast and efficient transportation services in accordance with international standards and constantly strives to improve transportation technologies.
  • Istanbul Metro company invests its energies in research, development, and human resources, and continues its activities with the aim of moving Istanbul to a better future.


Our advice as a real estate consulting firm

  • The proximity of your property to the metro station is an important feature that will contribute in the future to its increase in value.
  • The property’s proximity to the metro station helps you easily reach the rest of the city.
  • You must own a property near a metro station under construction if you want the property to increase in value.


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