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The Turkish city of Trabzon

Posted by Cayan on July 3, 2020

The Turkish city of Trabzon is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey and the destination of many tourists,

and an important port on the Black Sea.

Location of the city:

The city is located at an altitude of 39 meters from sea level, within turkey’s northeastern province of Trabzon, and is its capital.

Description of Trabzon City:

  • The heart of the city is located between two deep valleys on a flat plain with an ancient Roman harbor.
  • There are Byzantine-era walls that encircle its center from the east and west.
  • Trabzon has a population of 245,000, making it the largest city in Trabzon province, as well as being a tourist city.
  • Trabzon is an important commercial center, and food and tobacco are one of its most important exports.
  • The Turkish city of Trabzon is one of the most beautiful and historic tourist cities in Turkey,
  • which we advise you to visit and enjoy its atmosphere and wonderful nature.

The history of Trabzon :

Trabzon maintains many medieval appearances, as it possesses many important historical and archaeological monuments, including:

  • Sumilla Monastery, one of its most famous attractions, overlooks the most beautiful landscapes in its magnificent structure.
  • The Church of The Aya Sofia, which has byzantine architecture, has become a museum with many archaeological artifacts and value.
  • One of the most important landmarks in Trabzon is Trabzon Castle, which tells the history of the Byzantine period of the city .

Ozungol Village:

  • Trabzon’s beauty is not limited to historical monuments, it contains the village of Ozingol in the southern part of it.
  • Surrounded by green mountains and surrounded by a large lake, this charming and popular place can be more than suitable for a wonderful time with nature.


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