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Zeytinburnu area, a residential gem that combines luxury and strategy in the heart of Istanbul

Posted by Cayan on July 3, 2020

Zeytinburnu area, a residential gem that combines luxury and strategy in the heart of Istanbul


Zeytinburnu is one of the best and most important residential areas in Istanbul.

It has many features that encourage stability and investment.


Zeytinburnu is located in the European section of Istanbul on the Sea of Marmara and the E5 Highway.

The area is close to the old city center of Istanbul and the Avrasya Tunnel under the Bosphorus.

It is surrounded to the north by Bayrampaşa, to the south by the Sea of Marmara, to the east by Fatih and Eyüp Sultan, and to the west by Bakırköy.


The importance of the region:

The Turkish government has been interested in the region since 1958 when it was a small town

turning it into one of the most important regions of Istanbul.

The government has built many government centers and departments such as health, security, entertainment, and cultural centers.

There are many shopping malls, parks, and gardens located on the sea

which gives it special importance to the residents of the area and its surroundings.


Factors that characterize the Zeytinburnu region:

  1. The most important factor is the section overlooking the Sea of Marmara and its proximity to the seaport.
  2. Its location within the city center gives it a distinctive character as it is 10 minutes from Eminönü area and 15 minutes from Taksim Square.
  3. The area has an important transportation network, where all the transportation lines scattered in the city meet, in addition to its location on E5 Highway.
  4. .The area contains many government and private service centers and health and cultural centers.

Location of the area of the real estate market in Istanbul:

Due to the location of Zeytinburnu on the sea and because of its important transport links:

  • The region has witnessed a significant increase in urbanization
  • High demand from investors, businessmen, and venture capitalists
  • The number of residential projects has increased, and the purchase of apartments has increased.
  • There are many residential options in the area, including low-rise apartments, which make up the simple and old section of Zeytinburnu, apartments within high towers, large residential complexes, modern and luxurious designs, and exorbitant prices due to their charming sea views, and these residential complexes form the modern section of the area.
  • All of this gives the region great importance to those who want to stay there, investors, construction companies, and businessmen.


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real estate in Zeytinburnu

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