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Title deed in Turkey

Posted by Cayan on May 15, 2020

Title deed in Turkey

  • In recent years there has been an increase in interest in living in Turkey and owning real estate there.
  • Questions have been raised from foreigners wishing to own property about what the title deed is in Turkey.
  • Title deed in Turkey What is it? What kind of kind? And what does it cost? What is the floor ease?
  • What is the agricultural title deed? Can more than one person subscribe to a single title deed?
  • We have prepared a comprehensive study from official and reliable Turkish sources, including the General Directorate of Land Registration and Land Registry.
  • We will answer all inquiries relating to the title deed in Turkey.

Definition of title deed

  • The title deed in Turkey is a document organized by the Land Registry Directorate of the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Cities.
  • Its purpose is to identify a particular property by stating its information and real estate survey numbers.
  • In the title deed, the location of the property is determined and some information is mentioned about the owner.
  • Through the information in the title deed, the ownership of the property of the person mentioned in it shall be proved.
  • It should be noted that the ‘title deed’ is given only to the legitimate owner of the property even if it is mortgaged or leased.

One property for multiple people

  • More than one person can own one property, in which case the title deed is granted to one person.
  • Details of the shares of the persons involved in the property are given.
  • The percentage allocated to each owner is mentioned in his khanate next to his name when buying the property and organizing the bond.
  • If you do not mention any percentage in the title deed, this means that the property is fully returned to one person.
  • People who own a single property share all sections of the property, without specifying specific parts for each of them.

Types of title deed in Turkey

There are several types of title deeds in Turkey, which vary depending on the type of property and its nature :

  1. Agricultural title deed
  2. Construction bonds
  3. Mortgage Securities
  4. Floor property register
  5. Housing approval
  6. Commercial Land Registry
  7. Joint Land Registry
  8. Full title deeds
  9. Transitional title deeds (participation bond)


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Title deed in Turkey .

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