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Turkish City of Bursa

Posted by Cayan on July 3, 2020

Turkish City of Bursa | Everything you need to know about this city


  • Bursa is located in the foothills of the 2,500-meter-high Uludağ Mountain near the Sea of Marmara between Ankara and Istanbul on the north-western side of Turkey.

importance of Bursa City:

  • It is one of the best cities in Turkey industrially.
  • It ranks fourth among Turkish cities in terms of population.
  • Green forests, parks, public parks, that’s what’s around the city.
  • A popular ski resort frequented by tourists, called ‘Uludağ‘ Resort.
  • The wonderful nature and ancient history have made the city a destination for tourists and investors from different countries of the world.
  • On the sporting front, Bursa occupies a high position for its embrace and sponsorship of many sports.

history of the stock exchange:

  • Bursa is a historic city dating back to the Ottoman era.
  • Ottoman historical buildings and the mausoleums of the sultans in which they are, hence, their historical significance.
  • At the time of the Ottoman Empire, it was called ‘Khadondkar’ and was then the capital of the Ottoman state.
  • Green Bursa, that’s what the city called it because of its green nature.

economy of Bursa City:

  • In addition to its historical character and charming nature, Bursa city is one of the important and well-known agricultural areas in Turkey.
  • The city is famous for growing mulberry trees and raising silkworms, making it the first place in the silk industry.
  • Automotive, textile and dairy products, food preservation, industrial parts, electrical and other industries.
  • Many foreign investors, traders, and residents are aiming at this city for the purpose of trade and business development.

Bursa Tourist City:

  • As mentioned earlier, the site of Bursa between the Turkish capital Ankara and the historical and economic city of Istanbul gave it no less important, because it contains the historical and archaeological status of the ottoman empire, in addition to its buried and discovered house, which made it a world-famous place.
  • Bursa has many attractions including:
  1. Mount Uludağ, which hosts world Olympic ski competitions.
  2. The Green Mosque is famous for its beauty and its ornate Arabic writings.
  3. The coasts of Mudanya are famous for their fish restaurants and various local cafes.
  4. Culture Park, Iznik Ottoman Museum.
  5. Historic Aweil Springs with therapeutic waters, tombs of Osman and Orhan.
  • All these landmarks and other places that we haven’t mentioned make you impatient to visit this charming city.
  • After a modest explanation of the specifications of this city, will you get to know it closely and discover its secrets for yourself ?


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Turkish City of Bursa .

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